Make great financial decisions

Make yourself 40% richer by putting your money in the optimal place to reach your goals – automatically

For Individuals

Create and manage your own financial plan, getting expert advice as often as you need it. Keep your money where it already is, using automation to set it to work for your goals

A plan tailored to you

Findi creates a financial plan for your life, guiding you step-by-step through the steps needed to reach your goals. We give you the tools and info you need to make smart choices and offer support if you get stuck. As your financial life changes, the software adapts and you can update or revise your plan at any time.

A look into your future

Findi forecasts your financial future, giving you month-by-month insight into the impact of your decisions. See the impact of buying crypto, investing in real estate, or starting a family – next month or next decade. You can easily create new scenarios to compare the outcome of different choice, track progress toward reaching your goals, and update plans to reflect new data.

Actionable insights

Findi finds your next best move and pairs you with a personal coach to help you make changes. We leverage proven behavioral nudges to hold you accountable and help the changes stick. Review your plan with an advisor and get expert answers to your questions at any time

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