About Us

Our Story

We’re passionate about democratizing personal finance

Everyone deserves a financial plan. Unfortunately, today the financial planning industry caters primarily to wealthy clients, leaving millions of people without help and widening existing inequities.

Findi was founded to build the product we wish we’d had. After graduating into the great recession with record student loans, our founders realized there had to be a better way. Findi gives the advice they needed, delivering bespoke recommendations that combine insights from the mathematics of optimization and decades of financial experience. Our mission is to provide everyone with impartial, actionable, and affordable planning advice that is so hard to find today.

We’re hiring

Passionate about personal finance? Looking to build technology that improves lives? Interested in a fast-growth high-tech environment? We’d love to hear from you.

World leading experts

Our team includes PhD-level expertise optimizing exactly the sort of models used in the world of personal finance

Proven track record

We’ve built AI-driven solutions that have unlocked hundreds of millions and are now keen to put that sort of impact in your pocket

Diverse perspectives

We aspire to be as diverse as our client base. Our leadership team includes a broad array of perspectives and life experiences to ensure we can understand our client needs.