For institutions

Improve retention by educating and empowering your employees, students, or members to run their own financial lives:

  • Increase the value of existing benefits by connecting them to future financial goals
  • Improve financial wellness by offering expert answer to their most pressing questions
  • Understand and address top-of-mind concerns through anonymized insights

How Findi can help you

70% of young people express interest in learning how to manage their money, yet only 14% show basic financial literacy

Missing out on existing opportunities costs an average employee $30,000 over 5 years

75%+ want software that can tell them what to do with extra cash and how to efficiently pay down debt

Findi meets them where they are and provides flexible resources to build financial confidence

Our optimization creates an intuitive visual month-by-month plan to maximize existing benefits that anyone can use

Our software connects to and optimizes across everything from student loans to retirement plans to offer holistic guidance